Rooster and the Pig


    Stepping into a location to photograph a story is always a little exciting yet nerve wracking. At times its the first time you get to meet who you are going to photograph and vice versa. This Photo shoot was immediately pleasant. As soon as I walked in a really good friend of mine was hanging up some of his art pieces to showcase at the restaurant. Tai the owner is a very sweet guy and has some of the best eats I have ever tasted. Check out the story below to find out more about Tai and his restaurant. 


    Talking to Tai Spendley, the restaurateur behind the popular Palm Springs eatery Rooster and the Pig, the passion and soul put into this project becomes obvious. Immigrating to the states from Vietnam, the son of an American soldier and local Vietnamese woman had very humble beginnings: “I started off as a dishwasher at the age of 13. After school I would dishwash because I was like, ‘I’m gonna buy myself some clothes.’ I wound up in the restaurant business.” Always the front of the house, charismatic Spendley learned the restaurant business from the inside-out, eventually acting as food and beverage director for a wide range of upscale hotels across the country. With his culinary inspiration on overdrive, Spendley decided to develop a Vietnamese-American concept, Rooster and the Pig, a name derived from two seemingly opposing astrological figures who happen to be a perfect match.

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