The Pantry | Fried Chicken Fridays


Recently had the opportunity to visit and photograph some of the delicious food Chef Gabe has curated at Holiday House. Friday nights Holiday House hosts a communal style dinner that is to die for. 4 course meal stocked with the best fried chicken in town and many more treats. Fried Chicken Fridays is available for non hotel guests (RSVP is a must).

If you are in the mood for a small lunch or even just feeling in the mood to enjoy a drink at the property. The Pantry is open for lunch from 11am - 5pm. You wont be disappointed. 


"Fried Chicken Friday" at Holiday House

Spinach + Artichoke Dip Crostini.

Veggie Bucket Radish. Celery. Peppers. Cauliflower.

Fried GoneStraw Farms Chicken Gabe’s Blend of Herbs + Spices.

Potato Salad. Lemon. Parsley. Brown Butter. Garlic.

Orzo Pasta Ham. Red Peppers. Broccoli.

Green Beans Sea Salt. Black Pepper.

Bread Pudding

Ice Cream. Caramel.

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